Favorite Aftermarket Bars, What's Yours

Yesterdays high speed Whoop section GET OFF left me with the need for a new set of bars. I am 5'10" and really liked the stock bend. Is there a bar that works best with a Scotts stabilizer? I hope to have Santa bring me one this year......

Please help

If you are sticking with the 7/8 bars, you can't beat Renthal :)

If you want as close to stock, then go with renthal cr high bend bars.If a steering stabilizer is in your future, then go with pro tapers for easiest access to the stabilizer, but almost any bar will work with some small mods. Nice get off by the way! :) If you have any other ?????????? you know where to find me.

Pro Taper's, I've bend every type of bar out there, The pro tapers seem to live up to their ability. Good Luck!!

Pro-Tapers or just about any other "fat" bar work great. Don't have a crossbar to interfere with the stabilizer either.

Pro Tapers. I have yet to bend one. Everything else breaks or bends when I fall but the bars. I will never buy another brand and probably won't have to. Plus they come with the Scotts kit.

ditto on the protapers. i've had several hard crashes, only to right the bike and find my bars completely intact. plus, let's face it: no crossbar just plain looks cool.

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