'01 WR426 vs '02 WR426 Flywheel/Stator Differences?

Tried searching for all things 'flywheel' in this section of the forum and got no results so here goes. I have a '00 YZ426 and I am in the process of making it better for woods racing/riding. The last piece of the puzzle is lighting. Like many others I will be installing the WR flywheel and stator. My question is what are the differences between the '01 and '02 units (besides the part numbers... :worthy: ). I know you can't mix-n-match, and I know that the '01 unit is capable of 120W stock. The reason I am asking is that there has been a significant increase in dealer/on-line part prices lately and I have the opportunity to pick up a new '02 flywheel for cheap. So what's the diff?

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