What should I do before I ride?

Just bought a new WR450F. I a rookie rider and wanted to see if there were some maintenance items I should take care of before I ride it. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help......

This is going by how my bike came from the dealer new, change the oil, dont trust where there oil has been lying around, clean and put some good oil on the air filter, adjust and lube the chain, adjust all the levers, adjust handle bars, lube pegs and levers, check tire pressures, check every bolt on the bike, they forget to tighten half of em.

If you (want to?), tear apart the shock linkage and grease everything! Pull the shock and grease the heim joint (spherical bearing). Also, pull the swingarm pivot and grease heavily.

You also can pull your forks and triple clamps off and grease the upper and lower steering stem bearings.

I'd recommend pulling your air filter and cleaning and re-oiling. In the past, the factories/bike shops have very little concern about bike setup, lube wise.

Once it's out the door, it's out the door. And then the problems become yours.

Don't forget to stretch because the power will try to rip your arms out of your sholders.

Listen to NH Kevin :D

Regrease/relub everything you can.

Read your manual. And keep up with this forum to get maximum info.

Buy a torque wrench and retorque all the bolts to the manual's spec.

Take the time to adjust the bike to suit your riding style.

And take time to get in shape, because this blue baby will ask a lot from your poor body :):D :D

Take care


Congrats on your new purchase! Along with the other great suggestions, I have to add,

Skid Plate, Frame Guards (unless you don't care if boot rubs off all paint), Zipty Magnetic Drain Plug, and a good set of Radiator guards. You will thank me !

I bet I woulda munched one of my rad's first ride if I didn't have the guards on. Last I looked the Rad costs approx 300.00 per side. OUCH !

I almost forgot, get some handguards or you will be replacing levers too.


Drain all the fuel and replace it with fresh high-test non-oxygenated fuel. Some shops fill all new bikes with low grade fuel.

Torque all bolts and screws. The tires are probably over inflated.

I recommend bark busters and protective tape over the frame rails before the first ride. Save that master cylinder.

I highly recommend greasing the swingarm, linkage, and steering head bearings. Tighten all bolts, change oil, and gas.

I also think it is a good idea to put frame guards on to keep the factory finish in good shape. Check the tire pressure because mine was set at 25-30 lbs of pressure.

Say 4 "Hail Mary's" 6 "Our Fathers" and count the number of fingers and toes you have to begin with.....

Then Light the Fire.....

Bonzai :)

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