Best WR headlight bulb replacement

What is the best replacement bulb that will safely work in the stock WR housing? With the change to standard time almost upon us, I want to be ready for it. Is there a point where a higher output bulb will melt the housing or lens?

I don't really want a BLUE bulb and can do without glow in the dark bases and other gimmicks.

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PIAA offers an 80/80 Superbrite bulb with a halogne rating of 135 watts that 2000 and later model WR's will drive with no problem. It is an expensive bulb at around $32, but is the best one that we have found in terms of light output and quality. The WR does not have enough power to drive 100 watt bulbs without too much dimming at idle. Less expensive would be one of the zenon gas filled 55/60 watt bulbs by PIAA, Osram, or Candlepower.


Where can we buy those PIAA 80/80 bulbs from?

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Did you fully test the PIAA 80/80 bulbs and find them not to cause any heat/temperature related damage? Also do you have any idea what the life expectancy is?

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The PIAA 80/80's are available from Baja Designs. Life expectancy is 250 to 350 hours. No heat problems with the OEM Yamaha lens.

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