WR450 seat

Anybody replace the seat on thier WR450? The stock one is HARD!!! I hate to get a taller foam... the seat height is already way high...


I think the foam is pretty good stock. You should sit on the KTM 525 seat. It is like a brick. I beleive you can buy after market seats for the WR's with different foam densities.

I took out the two pads underneath the foam and replaced it with gel. Then I removed 3/4 inch of the top foam through the seating area and then recovered it. Quite a bit more comfortable and got a little more of my feet on the ground.

That sounds really cool... where did you get the gel?


Here are some details I'll have to search the net. I forget which place I ordered it from.

Well for $60 and some labor you can get an inch and you’ll be happy to know that it will be softer also. (HAHA)

Let me explain. I pulled apart my WR450 seat, and carefully removed the foam from the base. I was surprised to see two different high density foam inserts that were lightly glued into a molded pocket in the bottom of the seat foam. When the seat foam and pan came together the pads nestled into the pockets of both pieces locking the pads in place. Together they were ¾ inch thick. I had ordered a ¾ of an inch raw gel slab which I cut to the shape of the pads. The gel was slightly short so I cut the original pads to fit the void where there wasn’t any gel.

This gave me a seat at stock height but a softer feel. The other thing I wanted to do was lower the seat because I have very short legs. I outlined a curve starting about 1/4 the way from the seat front with the curve dropping more and more through the seating area and then back up to mate with the seat height at the back of the seat ¼ of the way before it ended. I used an electric knife like used for meat carving. I was surprised how well it cut. I cut away sides of the area I had cut to get a bevel on the edge of the seat. The cutting wasn’t perfect so I took a belt sander with very coarse paper and blended the horizontal surfaces and radiused the seat edges. It blended well. I stretched the vinyl and stapled it with an electric staple gun. My goal was a ¾ of an inch or more. I fell short to a 5/8 inch reduction but that was my fault. I feel an inch can be removed but no more. I put it on the bike and it did help foot placement and it is softer than the original.


Hey Jim Bo, me again. I had a tall/soft seat pre-made from Ceet on my 02'WR426. What a blessing. It did raise the seat height, but only until you sat on it. Then the ability to reach the ground was as standard as stock. I know it was pricey (~$60, I think), but it was worth it.

I spoke with Ceet last month and they have a tall/soft foam or complete tall/softseat for the YZ450. If you order an IMS tank someday think about getting that seat too. Ceet mentioned that IMS will have the WR450 tank w/ tall/soft seat combo this summer. Pricey for sure, but I'm saving my money for that. "Pennies a day", I tell my wife.

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