Fay Myers (Denver) roof collapsed

I just heard from a colleague of mine who informed me that the roof just collapsed at Fay Myers. Man, those guys can't win for losing....the fire last year and now this. Apparently about half the roof collapsed as a result of all the melting snow. :)

One of the guys that works down there emailed me that that over 100 bikes under the roof too. Bad Karma

So I assume this is the new location? :) Too bad....what ever happened to the burned out shop?

Will they have a FIRE SALE? :)

Holy $hit! I'll have to go check out the damage tomorrow. That was a nice place too. A lot better than their old location.

They had closed the old shop after the fire. They were gonna try to keep it open but my understanding was that with the new location franchise quesions came up.

They actually kept the building that was next to the old shop and opened the new shop off of Arapahoe Road. It was the old Hugh M. Woods lumber yard.

That sucks for those guys. I hope they come out of it okay.

Wow! I stopped by there this morning and saw the damage. Street bikes bent up like wet noodles. They still haven't recovered any of the dirt bikes. I talked to one of the employees and she told me that there were probably still 100 bikes under the collapsed roof. She said that some of them only needed cosmetic work while others would be totaled with cracked and bent frames. It was a sickening site to see so many trashed motorcycles.

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