650R Air Filters

I am looking to get an xtra air filter for my 650R

I would like somthing that flows more air then stock!

I have looked at Twin air, and there are two models one with a cage and one without!?

what one is best?

also the dealer says K&N Voids your warrentie cause they can leak!, mind you how would they know I used one.

anyways I would like to hear what you guys recomend!

My bike is uncorked! :)

I use UNI and have not had any issues. Clean it every ride, looks the same now as a year ago.

Is the Uni filter like the stock one or does it

have a cage and you need to remove the steel backfire screen?

My Uni came with a cage... Works great. Check out the link to view the UNI Filter review near the bottom of the page at XR650R Net. XR650R Net

Good luck. :)


I am running with the NOTOIL which still requires the backfire screen. The foam is not as dense as the stock and it has a better lip on it for sealing. Best of all - no mess! :)

I have had leakage problems with the stock and the UNI. I switched to the K&N and think this is the best possible. It simply fits so well that it looks like it should have come stock with the motorcycle. Be sure to use plenty of grease at the sealing surface, no matter which you use. Also, cleaning intervals with the K&N are greater than the others.

I got a bunch of stock air filters from Team Honda off-road and i have tried them all and I like the stock the best. They last the longest and never had a leak problem. I race Dist.-37 Dez and through the worst silt the stock last the longest.

Dave @ www.winnersedgeracing.com

Wow this forum rocks!

thanks for the info guys, I like K&Ns, so maybe I will go that way either that or UNI!

Thanks a bunch guys!

Spring is finally here

its been a long winter! :)

Never had a leak problem with stock either. I have put electricians tape around the border of the backfire screen. I have two stock filters, always have a clean one ready.

The K&N supposedly has a more open mesh and could let fine particles through if not cleaned and oiled often.


Why do you think you need more airflow, have you performed a dyno test?

One more thing I forgot to mention is that I put water proof grease along the inside box where the filter rests to help catch anything that might want to get around the filter.

I know this sounds like common knowledge, but alot of people dont do this F.Y.I.

Dave @ www.winnersedgeracing.com ( for arm-pump elimination check out the site)

I run a UNI on my bike. It is a bit of work to install, but done correctly it seals well and flows the most air of any currently available filter on the market. The UNI does not require the stock backfire screen, it comes with an aluminum support frame that sits inside the filter.

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