2006 YZ450f parting out prices?

I have a 06 450 that I have been thinking about parting out. What do you guys think the motor, suspension, and frame are worth? bike is in running order.

1200 for the motor w/ carb and electronics,4-600 for the suspension and 3-500 for the frame w/ title.

IMO, I don't think you can really win by parting them out. It takes a lot of work ripping them down, listing & advertising parts, dealing with people, dealing with Paypal, etc, etc...

If you want it gone, sell it cheap. :worthy:

The market is really crappy for selling or parting out right now. Good if you are buyer bad if you are a seller.

market is low...i just picked up a super clean 06 yz450f for $2800 with a completly fresh engine with some hop up parts and over $2500 in just chasis upgrades..i actually found it in the classifieds here!

Honestly the paypal and shipping is a hassle..

I agree. Dealing with phone calls and low ball prices. Its not worth the hassle of tear down.

If your not in a rush store it, ride it every once in a while, and wait for the market to rise then you can sell it.

agreed --- probably not worth it for a bike that new

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