White Bros. E series exhaust on a 99 wr400

I just removed 4 of the 12 rear exhaust rings to quiet her down. I can hardly tell the difference in noise. I have noted from some posts that removing exhaust flow may help low to mid torque but hamper full throttle top end...Is it worth it for mostly trails riding? The bike also has an aftermarket header of larger diameter. Any suggestions appreciated. Joe

when you play with the baffles, you play with your airflow which in turn affects your jetting.

You won't quiet that pipe - it's a supertrapp style pipe - not designed for quiet. I bought the quiet core insert which essentially replaces the end plate with a typical end pipe section, so I also removed the baffle plates but it still isn't anywhere near quiet. Although, me riding on it isn't affected that much by the sound (and to me it sounds quieter than most 450's) most people tell me it's one loud, powerful sounding bike and you can really hear it on the track.

I use the supertrapp exhaust on my 99. When you remove enough disks you will feel the difference in power characteristics and sound. Play around with the amount of disks you use to find what you like powerwise and soundwise. You will have to find a happy medium to fit you.

I had that pipe on my 99'..... one word - LOUD. And loud in the riders ear as it does not emit noise out the back but rather out the sides of the endcap... I could not hear myself think on that bike..

Good luck.... I took discs out but when I took enough out to make it quiet, it barely ran so put the stock exhaust from my 04' on it:thumbsup:

I had the same set-up and was never really happy. I ended up buying the E2 and have been happy ever since. Bolted right on, quieted the bike down a bit and helped in the performance end. For under $300 it was well worth it.

I ran the WB for about 4 years on my WR since that was the way it came when I bought it. I was so sick of the noise that I went to the stock exhaust with the small baffle removed. Much nicer and it still gets me everywhere I want to go. I won't be going back to a loud system that's for sure.

You can try adding a quiet core insert. It helps a little but not much.

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