a question about disapearing anti freeze hmmm.

ok so after my last oil change i went looked through everything, antifreeze spokes...etc. well i changed my oil today and noticed when i swearl it around in the pan i see like a white feathery appearince in it. so out of curosity i checked antifreez and it was a little lowerthan it had been before. so would the antifreeze bein low and the feathery whit substance be the sign of my head gasket bout ready to go?

thanks in advance

my disappearing antifreeze problem i discovered this week when i had my radiators pressure tested and one of them had a minor leak in it. $40 later it was repaired and good to go. No idea about the white stuff. I know I've gotten antifreeze in my oil from a bad head gasket back when i raced 2 stroke 80cc bikes in the the late 1980's but i thought it turned pink for some reason. I could be remembering incorrectly though.

Not enough info.

Year/model? How long is the interval between checking the coolant level?

Depending on riding conditions, my YZ will discharge a little coolant out the overflow hose. I never fill to the top. Just a little below the filler neck. I would rather it come out the over flow then the into the oil. At least I know the cap is working.

could also be your water pump impeller shaft seals starting to go - check and see if your bike has had the weep hole filled with sealer - some people have had that happen and it will eventually go into your oil once the oil seal gets worn. If that isn't it and that is in fact coolant in your oil, you probably do have a bad head gasket - coolant in the oil isn't a sign of a gasket about to go, it's a sign of a gasket that went.

its a 05 450

its a 05 450
Is this whole thing a secret or something?

How full do you fill the radiator, where was the level when you checked it again, and how much time went by between filling it and then checking it again?

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