WR450F TSB re: flywheel key issue needed

I need a copy of the TSB for my dealer. If possible, either a scan and email of it, or a fax directly to my dealer would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on riding next weekend and would like to get this done before that point, but there has been no sign of the bulletin yet.

If you can help, please email it to me at sabooo@ptd.net, or have your dealer fax it to:

Scott Powersports in Coopersburg PA, attn Ray Worner at fax# 610-282-1613.

Thanks in advance


I do not think there is one. I hope I am wrong. --Mike

The only way to obtain a verbal TSB is for your dealer to call Yamaha Technical Assistance. Yamaha will not give any information, verbal or written, to the customer. :)

I couldn't get a copy of the TBS either from my dealer. They wouldn't even tell me exactly what they did except lap the crank, retorque rotor nut and adjust carb.Other than that very hush hush. :)

I'm sure Yamahas legal department is being cautious. A lone rider, broke down 50 miles from civilization, could be a problem. Heck, a guy 5 miles out could have a heart attack trying hike back to the truck.

I think Yamaha is gambling by not informing their customers of the potential problems.

I wouldn't even need to see the document, I just want to get it into my dealers hands so he can make the mods/repairs.



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