yz needs a boost

hey guys

ive got a 08 yz450 and im thinking about putting an after market exhaust on it. Im not looking for more power i just want it to liven up a bit and be a bit more responsive. Should i get an akrapovich or an pro ciruit t4 exhaust. Also whats this new exhaust from pro circuit, its called the ti4r or something.

You should get a DRD for all the above listed. Pro circuits are awesome exhausts but arnt the strongest out the out there and tfrom my experience puncture easily. DRD's exhaust is more of an all around power gain and is used and approved by many of the users on this forum:thumbsup:

I would agree with Justin89! I have a 2008 YZ450F, and I wasnt 100% happy with the power output and I contemplated doing some engine work this winter. I just put on a Carbon Fiber full DRD system, and I am super impressed with the result! Not only does my YZ now sound great, it performs unreal! My bikes consistantly pulls throughout the gears! Definately well worth the money!

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