desert 100 in wa state

Who is going 4-12-03 sing out. :):D :D


My brother is going to be doing it for sure and I might be doing it as well. Activation from the Army Reserves is kind of putting a hamper on my riding now a days.

But I thought that the poker run is Saturday the 12th and then the desert 100 is Sunday the 13th? Am I correct?

Out in Odessa? Bring your Brats and Beer, and get ready to boogy down to some polka!

Odessa should be fun! I'll be there, and my band of Spodes will be close behind. Camping out there?


I havent missed the Desert 100 in 17 years. I fact one of my friends is a club member "Stumpjumpers MC" and we always work a checkpoint on the race course during sundays race.And drink free beer!

Saturday We ride the 100 mile poker run. Odessa's course is said to have NO rocks! (sounds like a trick) Desert 100 has always been one of the rockiest? places to ride ever. Whoever is going lets hookup and camp together. I always drag along about 20-30 scumbag bikers. Its a great 3 day party. Show up friday if you want good camping.

PM me and we will exchange info



Screw it I am in! Decided to hop up to Chewelah and visit my parents, then I will head to Odessa Friday and ride the PR on Sunday. I am going solo, anyone open to having an additional camper (tent) around??? Heck, I will even share my beer. :)

How do we get to the actual event???


"Check out for directions,

Poker run is on Sat 12th. I will be in a White 99 power stroke Ford King cab w/a Starcraft popup tent trailer. No extra room but good company. You cant miss me Im 6'9" tall, See ya there!



Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I was looking for a place to sleep. I will either sleep in my tent or the back of my truck. Just looking for some company as all my buds won't want to make the six hour drive. A good friend of mine teaches high school science in Lake Stevens. I teach in Washougal and will start back on the 14th, so I will only ride Saturday then drive home.


And i didnt mean to sound rude. looking forward to meeting new people. The old stories only go so far with the old crowd (HA HA) I'll buy the first round!

See ya there

Eric :)

Looking forward to my first Desert 100! :) Can someone give me the lowdown on the weekend and gear needed. I'll be there as long as I can get some new clutch plates ordered by then. :D

Thanks, Bryce

This will be my first Desert 100 experience also. As far as gear I will wear my regular shtuff. Helmet (of course), goggles with tear offs, jacket, jersey, camel bak with food and half gallon of H2O, pants, knee guards, and the Alpinestars of course. Is there anything else required?

I will be running the poker run on Saturday only. I will be in a blue 93 Toyota 2wd p/u with a canopy towing a white XR600R. Maybe I'll see ya there.


OK here"s the lowdown, You should be prepared for: Rain,snow,heat,cold,wind, Sould be fairly mild this year though. Your bike needs at least to go at least 40 miles on a tank of gas. 50 for the race on Sunday. Spark arestor and ORV tabs Or street legal.

See ya there!


Odessa is a pretty small town, in a desolate area, so bring PLENTY OF BEER! I bet the local stores run out by noon on Saturday!

I also am guessing that the course will be pretty fast. Not as rocky as the course out at Vantage. Bring anything you can to combat dust, I am giving you all a "East Side Guarantee" that there will be no rain. Might be cold though.

I will be camping with my regular band of Spodes. We will be in two red Ford's, both with campers mounted on the back. One is a 2001 F-250 deisel, the other is 1987.

We will be on XR650R, WZ400, KTM EXC400 and a XR250.

I'll be camping next to those penthouse bastards, in a tent.

I am guessing that we will be there by about 6 or so on Friday, then Der SpodenFest will begin!

(Odessa is a German town that celebrates their beer, brats and POLKA!)

Let the countdown begin!

Brandon sounds like you will be in the Taj ma Kelty too eh? At least we won't be at Vantage. We camped down on the river after a concert and were forced to do the afterhours events in the bathroom. The winds that night were gusting to 60 mph and really rocked the tent. I will look you up if I can. I plan to get there by 5:00 or earlier to get my polka on. Bummer on the campfires though.

Are you still planning on coming to the 19th 20th ride here in Portland???


YEAHHH! F3 Racing will be present and accounted for in downtown Metropolitan Odessa. Get there early so you don't get caught in Rush hour!

I will be the Rider in red fox gear, Silver armor, on a Blue YZ250F (no numbers) and I will have an American flag flying off the back of my helmet! :)

See ya there!


Fiddler will also be visible Friday night running down main street with a flag hanging off his "helmet" after drinking too much German beer. Polka on :)

Check out Says there are only 1,000 inhabitants, with only 2 restaurants and 1 hotel listed on the site. This event will have a huge financial impact on this town. Good thing we are camping, there aren't even enough houses to hold everyone that will show.

Brandon, What do we get if this dry weather guarantee doesn't pan out. Checked out and they say showers :) Of course nothing us wetsiders can't tolerate I am sure.

No rain. No way, no how.

The clouds will part. We were planning on going riding last Sunday, I woke up at about 5 am, and it was pouring (You know, 1/2 inch a day type stuff. It was REALLY coming down.. :) ) so, I am thinking that my buddies are going to be calling with phantom mechanical difficulties. Anyway, the bikes were loaded, we drove about 15 miles out of town to our riding area, and the sun did shine.

No way, no how.

One store people! Import your beer, because that store is going to run out!

This will be great, and I hope that Odessa experiences a great event, one that they will welcome again and again.

Adelanto North!


Rain is good out there! Riding last Sunday after the rain was awesome, no dust. Plus the kind of rain that falls around this place if you have any skills at all you can dodge the drops as they fall.

Brandon and Ryan,

Since I am riding stag and have nothing to do Friday, would you like me to reserve some good camping spots? I will show up at 3:00 or before anyway. Let me know how many you would like and I will do my best.


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