desert 100 in wa state


Actually I was hoping to have my "helmet" polished by some of the local Odessa talent, while I salute the american flag :)



We are planning on putting in a full day at the office, but those plans can change! Either way, we expect to be headed out of town no later than 5, and that will get us to Der SpodenFest around 6:30. I think that we are expecting 5 vehicles (1 big RV, the rest are trucks) so we can circle the wagons when we get there.

Make sure you get the spaces that will be out of the dust! :)

Campfires are out, but we are bringing an elevated patio fireplace, and we plan on buring plenty of brickquettes in there. Should keep us up to a respectable time.....

SIDE NOTE: They are trying to limit the opportunites for knapweed to spread, so all bikes MUST be cleaned prior to arrival. This will help limit the opportunities for seed-transfer. Gotta control those noxious weeds.

Guess what? It is sprinkling here today... :D


Brandon, I will be there at about 12:00 friday, I've got 1000 feet of yellow caution tape to mark off a good sized area. I usualy try to camp kinda close to the gate but well just have to check out the new place and see how it goes.

The perfect weather is pouring rain from about 2am-5am then sun. Ha Ha!

looks like we have about 20-25 riders showing, plus any of you guys.

Lets get drunk and tell lies!

See ya there.......

Eric (ya from reiter pit) :)

Well my little bro wants to come along and camp Friday night. He will definitely provide entertainment, but has a slight colon problem. I am meeting him at 12:30 after he gets out of classes then we will head out from Medical Lake. Should arrive by two or so after we stop for beer and ice.


Met up with Eric, Corey and Ryan. We all had a great time! We were a little bit out of town, so were not fully able to get our polka on, but the racing was top notch!

I raced on Sunday, and had an excellent time! Got a great start, and probably was one of the first 25 through the flags that send us on to the course. (We had a LaMans-style start, 400+ at the start, bikes lined up and we were behind them by about 50 feet. Horn sounds, everybody runs for the bike, fires it up, and is gone!)

I had a great first lap, came into the pits about 15 minutes behind the leaders. Out on the second lap, on the second water crossing, I again tried to ride across, but I went down, and so did the bike... :)

So, I had to push it out to the other side, take off the seat and air filter, turn the bike upside down and drain the water out of the decompression outlet. Got it right-side back up, and kicked 'till it wicked.

Got back on the course and tried like hell to get back all of the spots that I gave up. Did not do it, but I ended up doing OK. I placed 19th in the 30+ (19th out of 78) group.

On a side note: Campfires were not allowed on the presmis, so things got pretty quiet pretty early. Well, I am a rule stretcher sometimes, so we brought one of those patio fireplaces with us. Keeps the burn off the ground.

As were doing our 12 oz curls on Friday night, some big all dood comes up and starts drinking our beer. Turns out he was Guy Perret (sp) from Canada. 8 time ISDE rider, also known for the movie Terra Firma.

He stayed until around 2 am, then took 2nd overall on the Sunday race. Top notch rider, but he was a better person.

What an excellent time.

Not as many rocks as Vantage, but there were plenty out there. I think that as man as 1/4 of the entries DNF'd with flats. No, it was not "rockless" but it was fast and fun!

Brandon, I see you made it to work today, more than I can say for myself...came down with a little eye problem trying to get up this morning.

It was cool to meet Eric, Corey and Ryan, we had a great time Friday night.

I ended up 11th out of 37 in 4stroke open with a water incident of my own. Didn't tank the bike under like Brandon but in a section that paralleled the river I got launched off of it and landed in 4 feet of water myself. I kept the airbox dry but the E-start was temporialy dead.

After all that my bike looks more like I rode Basara to Bagdad than Odessa.

Excellent weekend!

Well I had a blast and was amazed at the number of people there. Any numbers??? There were thousands upon thousands camping and Friday was a crazy night, followed by a rough morning Saturday.

I had a great time meeting the fellow TT'ers and owe Brandon and Ryan some coldies :) Thanks to Eric for letting me hang with his posse. I must say Eric has raised one of the finest young men I have met. He is 12 and between 5'8" and 5'10"??? Rides a YZF250 like the big boys and is a straight A student to top it all off. Of course the apple doesn't fall far from the tree right? Good thing Eric has those extra long legs to store all of those fluids.

I finally got out of Odessa around 8:15 after grabbing dinner (had to support the locals) and drove to Vancouver. I slept in the front seat of my Toyota std. cab (I'm 6'2" ish) three times on the way, but arrived home at 5:15 AM.

Thanks again for the great time and I look forward to seeing the new TT'ers that will soon be on this site.


We all had a blast in Odessa! great people, great riding,

Missed Brandon at our checkpoint #3 on the first loop but Cory marked you on the second loop. It gets kinda crazy at the check points during the race. Thought that maybe brandon swamped out in the creek crossing, guess we were right. Hey Ryan how's that hangover? Thanks for riding with Cory and I it was great to have somebody else along for the ride. Also, Thanks for the compliment about the kid. He honks along pretty good for 12 years old. Cory bailed pretty hard on lap 2, It took about 5-10 mph off his speed

but he finished the Ironman course anyway.

Lets get more TTr's there next year. it's a blast.



p.s. I heard 2200 riders in the poker run!


Yeah, on the first lap, I thought that I snuck by, but on the second one, I specifically rode to Cory, and gave him a shout out. Tried giving you one too, but it looked like you were inspecting the bottom of a barley soda can.


Yeah, I learned my lesson on the water crossing...

As I approached on the second lap, there was about 6 guys in a line walking thier bikes across, and I had no time for that, so I tried to ride through again (succeeded on the first lap) and I tanked. I bet everyone of those guys who were in the process of walking thier bike across got a good laugh out of it!

Trying to save 10 seconds cost me no less than 20 minutes....

Next year will be time for redemption!

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