SoCal Desert Racing

Im interested in entering my first desert type race (only raced motocross) and wanted to know if anyone is in touch with the desert racing scene.

Ive seen that there are races in the lucerne area advertized as 'hare and hound' and 'desert scrambles', that kind of thing.

anyway, how do I get started with this stuff!?


Try this web site for information

AMA District 37 :)

Simple, First obtain your AMA licence. Second, locate which event you would like to enter. Most event's, sign-ups are saturday and early sundays. Apply for your district 37 card, available at sign-ups.. Race days are normally on sundays. Start possibly in the beginner class going one loop,(if experiened) Try going two loops, approx 80 miles. A real ball buster, but a blast. Anyway have fun, hope to see you out there!! :) If any further question's, give me a P.M.


From an old desert racer, these guys are right. Check Cycle News for dates and locations. Try to hook up with someone here on TT that will be there. Take another driver with you if you can in case of injury. Take it easy the first few times. Wear your protective gear. Gear your bike up a notch from moto gearing. I'd try a euro scramble first since the whole course is 5-8 miles from pits. Other races can be 40+ mile loops. If you break/crash/run out of gas, it's a long way back. Have fun and be careful.


Thanks for the info guys.

Hoppalong426 has offered to let me tag along with his group to one of the races out here. Hopefully I will learn enough from those guys to keep me out of trouble and crossing the finish line!


I am in the same boat you are. I too would also like to do some desert races this year. I have signed up with the AMA and plan on running a few events as well.

Hey the more the marrier, Plus I'll have some extra spare part's in case I break down.. Let's RIDE!!!!!!! Later Darrell

Hey Omnivortex,

where are you from? Im planning on entering the AMA national on Oct. 13th in the Lucerne Valley area.

Check out the D37 website for info and schedules. Desert is great. A 2 to 3 hour race for $27 is the best bargin in racing. Come on out!

A National Hare & Hound might be a little intense for your first trip to the desert however. In a Hare & Hound, you ride two different 35 to 40 mile loops with the second always being tougher than the first. The Nationals are generally a bit tougher yet than the usual ones. Especially the second loop.

There are two desert scrambles coming up on the next two weekends. In a scrambles, your ride the same 35 mile loop twice. Since all the beginers need to make it around, they are generally not as tough. I would try one of those and see if you are still up for the SoCal race. The 100's race at the end of October is a really fun race too.

A European Scrambles is a 8 to 12 mile course that you ride for an hour with only the riders in your class. Kinda the desert version of a Grand Prix. There are only two Euros on the schedule. The Badgers mothers day race and our clubs Dual Euro in June, the Meltdown. You will have to wait awhile to ride in one of those.

If you like the dez, you should look for a club to join. You can help put on one race a year and have a support crew to pit you and help you if you break or get hurt. Nothing like friends out there.

I will be racing at least one of the scrambles in the coming two weeks. If you would like to meet me there I would be happy to give you a quick Desert racing intro. E mail me at




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