Will a clutch perch and lever from a DRZ fit?

I'm taking my bike out of MI next week and figure I bet put a few items on it to make it at least looks like its street legal.

I didn't get my mirror perch ordered in time, so I'm thinking I can take my clutch perch and lever from my DRZ, do you think it would fit on the WR?

The only thing I could think that would be different is the size of the hole for the cable end. I'm assuming however these are pretty standard sized. The other concern is that it has a somewhat similar 'throw', which I'd assume is also pretty standard.

What do you guys think?

Actually, now that I think of it... the WR has a weird clutch cable adjuster... I bet it won't work... dangit.

I think this worked out well... used stock WR perch with the DRZ back half that had the mirror mount... moved the hotstart to the right and wedged it between my fancy new Bell bike bell.... ring ring ring


I'm ready...


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