Garmin E-Trex GPS

I just got a E-Trex Legend. Has anybody had any success mounting one to you thumper???

Check out for mounting solutions. They're experts when it comes to GPS and motorcycles.

I am using Cycoactive's mounting kit for my E-trex. The remote battery pack is effective. Longer battery life ane helps reduce vibration problems. It is made somewhat cheaply, but works.

Check out a-loop

I was just in there site yesterday. They have a lot of stuff for gps. Including a "hardning" procedure that helps solidify the circut boards against the vibration and pounding that a bike can deliver.

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Best mount is the RAM ball mount. 2 Garmin etrex's, 2 RAM ball mounts-0 problems

Oops. A-loop is no more. Just surfin there site. They have shut down the shop.

If you have fatbars, get a barpad and cut a spot for your GPS. Zip tie it in (using the mount if it fits well). You can change back to a normal barpad easily.

Try not to smash your helmet into the GPS on your next getoff.

RAM mounts are very good and cycoactive is a good site that offers just about everything you can get for offroading with your GPS.

I had a Legend and liked it alot. One suggestion, though. The cradle on the RAM mount holds the unit pretty securely, but do make sure you attach a backup strap or zip-tie or something in case it falls out. I've had a fair number of pretty rough getoffs and the unit never budged,... well except once. :)

I have a Garmin GPS V now (great unit, but expensive). :D

The RAM mount is less expensive of the 2. The main thing I do not like about it is that it appears to stick about 2-3 inches above the handlebars.

It looks like it could get knocked around quite a bit.

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