Didnt know where to post this...

hey guy's, I didnt know where to post this, so I thought i'd post it here.

I'm browsing for a new bike currently, trying to see them all in person before I make up my mind of what i want. But I went to my local yamaha dealer today hoping to check out a new YZ 250 and a 07 or newer WR250 or 450... well they didnt have either... There bike selection was... interesting... if you will. they had a 06 KX450, 08 YZ450F, two 08 YZ250F's (white and blue model) 09 KX250F, 08 KX250F, 04 TTR250, 01 WR250F, 00 WR400F, 02 WR426F, And a KX65...

I was shocked at the three left over WR's. they were all brand new! I fell in love... The WR426 had been used as a demonstrator model and was kind of scratched up from short little farts trying to throw there legs over it and the tank graphics were turning yellow from gas being in the tank, and when it was sitting on the showroom someone decided to steal the kickstarter off it.(whole different story) but it had only been rode buy the shop owner at events though, and still has less then 15 minutes of run time on it.

The 250, and the 400 are mint condition though, I have $2000 and if I could sell my bike for about $2000 I could buy either of them out right and have a few hundred left for upgrades...

anyway, what would you guy's recommend, out of the three... I leaning towards the 400. even though it'll be 10 years old here soon its brand new! and I think it could be a hell of a bike!

I'd push for the 426 for no more than $ 2800.00. It doesn't matter that it's new, it's still depreciated at least 40%.

does the 426 have a bigger bore or a longer stroke? what kind of power difference is there between the 400 and the 426?

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