total high performance racing 4t........

any body useing this oil and what do they think of it??? i have been useing yama lube for donkeys years in my 02 426 but thinking of wallet and a change...cheers...:worthy:

i use amsoil. use the search bar, im sure you will find all your answers.

this week alone atleast 2 poeple made a topic about the yamasand.

I use Motul.

mobil 1 4t

1. Motul or Amsoil 2.Mobil 1

+1 on Mobil 1 4T

None of this is answering the original question, but I think he's dealing with a fairly localized brand. I've never heard of it.

Total took over ELF Racing oil products, a European company. It is not a brand that is widely used here in the USA.

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