Just switched to Yamaha: 2008 YZ450

I've been on CRF450's for the last 2 bikes and loved them, but they can be a handful. Wanted to try Yamaha for it's plush suspension, etc. I bought a friends 2008 YZ450 with about 7 hours on it. He had Enzo do the suspension with the trick, black coating on the forks. Other than that, it's stock.

First thing I noticed is how it soaked up the bumps. Love it! Although the power needs some help. I noticed a lack of bottom end. The mid and top end power is fun, but not crazy fast like my Honda. It seems like it needs to be geared down in the rear. I was thinking from 49 to 50 tooth. Plus, it needs a pipe.

Any suggestions on what I should do to make it hit a little harder? Especially on the bottom. Anyone have the FMF Megabomb TI exhaust?

Thanks big time for any suggestions!


First things first, a pipe.

If you want more after that, go with an '06 exhaust cam.

Easiest things for more oomph out of the '08+ bikes.

DRD Ti exhaust on mine and up one tooth on the rear, woke it up. I have a 2008 also.

How is the durability/quality of the Dr. D TI pipe? I know it works well, but I've heard that they need to be repacked quite often. Thanks.

I have the same model bike as well. Dr.D pipe, re-jet, and 51 rear sprocket did the trick. Pulls VERY hard and has all the power anyone could need. This bike pulls hard on your arms right off from idle, it goes from idle to "hang on tight" in an instant.

Anyone have the FMF Megabomb TI exhaust?

I just switched from WB AlumPro II to the FMF Q4ti with the Megabomb ti...

I did loose bottom end snap doing so (the WB is great at boosting bottom end, but is loud as hell)...So I went to a 50T sprocket...That helped bring back the low gear snap a bit...The FMF seems to have amazing mid range though (the bike seems to just get super responsive and powerful in the midrange, but in a smooth way)...It's just trippy, I can't explain it...I think maybe because the exhaust is so quiet, you can hear the motor working into it's RPM sweet spot better, as opposed to hearing pop out the back muffler of the bike, so you tend to be able to hold it in that zone better...My speed coming out of corners (and overall really) actually improved dramatically, I believe because I'm spinning the rear tire less while in the bottom end range...

It's super smooth, super quiet...If I were racing I'd probably get something with a bit more snap to it...But for practice days at the track, camping trips with the crew, day rides in the desert, etc. quiet and smooth is the way to go...

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