Gas prices, who's paid the most at the pump?

Last night coming home from work I stopped by Costco to fill up the Durango with some gas, since I have to use 91 octane I paid something like 2.29 a gallon. My total bill was $58.00....ouch... I live in SoCal.

Anybody got me beat?


OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

About $1.80 a gal.for premium here in s.e Michigan.

Regular is down to $1.58 at Marathon as of about a half-hour ago when I filled up my car.

That California lifestyle is EXPENSIVE Huh?????

Sorry Dude,that does SUCK. :)


My co-worker has one of them big ass Ford Excursions with the 50 some odd gallon tank. Figure at 50gallons @ 2.09 87octane= $104.50 Can anyone say Ca CHING !!!


80 cents a litre :) Takes close to $70(canadian) to fill the silverado

Hi Dan, spare a thought for us down under guys. A week or so ago I paid $1.15 a litre (yes litre) for premium unleaded. It has consistently been at least $1.00 a litre in recent times. I rarely drive the car, which costs about $85.00 to fill. :)

I can get the 87 from around 1.58 for the cheap Race Way stuff but for the good 87 it is about 1.66 at the pump but on the sign it says 1.65.

I drive a Dodge Deisel p.u. and i am paying 2.09 per gal. and thats nuts considering there is no work to make deisel fuel. Deisel should be 1/2 the price of gas

Here in Ohio we were paying around $1.75, now it is down to around $1.54 a gallon.

Central Oregon is paying around $1.88/gal on regular unleaded and around $2.08 for supreme. :)

Premium (90 octane is the only grade available) is $2.07.9 per gallon here in HOMER, AK.

$2.29 for 91 is also the highest I have seen in Vegas. Ironically comp 100 at 76 was and still is $3.95, just glad it didn't follow the rest and end up a $8.00 a gallon.

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