08 yz kickstart locked after stall?

Hey guys, riding in the hills yesterday lugging in the rocks 2nd gear when my bike popped and quit. Thought it was just another stall but when I tried to kick it over again the kickstart was locked at tdc. I pulled the hot start got it past tdc once but it just locked up again. I turned it around and started coasting back trying to bump start it in 2nd but the wheel wouldnt turn. I tried many times but if I could get the kickstart to move past tdc at all it would just lock back up when it came around. Checked a few threads, looks like the decompression pin, but i couldnt rock it and get it to move past as the threads say. Any ideas, experience? Thanks guys (The bike is low hour and I maintain it)

it sounds like it seized but if its maintained and low hours i dont see why that would happen did u recently do a top end?

I hope its not, I'm going to tear into it this week and see. It's the damndest thing it was full of oil and I was trail riding in the hills and wasn't rappin it out.

My buddy and I all bought yami's because we heard they were durable. I've had so many problems with this bike (levers, crushed air box, countersprocket seal) now this.....its crazy.

Check the cam timing. If it's off, check the chain for kinks and replace it along with the tensioner if it's found to be faulty.

sounds like u could have bent a valve.

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