How often do I change the oil?

Last week I thought I was changing my oil somewhat early. I had been looking at the dipstick and it always looked clear. This was a big mistake as I am in the car repair business and I have seen techs using their finger to look at the clarity of brake fluid. The mistake is the light passing through the drips will look clear. Take the same fluid and put it in a white Styrofoam cup and you will see it is black. Anyway, I was stupid and looking at the oil dripping off the dipstick. I open the frame and drain bolts and the oil is black. In the oil filter you can see grit in-between the ridges of the filter and there was a 3/8 blob of tar on the end of the magnetic drain plug. So, if I do it by hours, how many do you recommend? (I saw a unit that attaches to the bike to give you hours of running) If I go by mileage how many do you suggest? I ride the bike hard and am running a 13-5- 1 piston. I will be changing again this weekend just to be sure and I just switched to Mobil synthetic. Thanks

I change the oil when I think it needs to be changed. Only you know how hard and long you ride/race for. Before every race and after two long rides or after a very (150 KM + ) long hard ride on a hot day. I just figure air & oil is the bikes life line and the cost is not all that great.

I think I will be changing over to Mobil synthetic as will. I have been useing Yam. lube @ $5.75 ea from the dealer and Mobil seem to be the way to go and for the same cost I hope...


I try to change mine every 3rd ride or so. If I go longer than that, the oil gets pretty dirty and broken down. I also change it before and after every desert race. At a race, especially during the summer, the bike gets alot more punishment and heated up compared to my usual trail riding. I'm not a super aggressive rider so it may be different for you. The filter is changed every third oil change, as listed in my shop manual, and I have yet to pull one out that looks like its gotten very gritty. Also, clean the frame screen every couple of changes too.

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