WR450F Street Tires

I would love to get a new pair of rims and Street tires for my 07 wr450f but the problem is I have no idea where to start I have tried to learn but there isn't really any great information about putting street tires on a dirtbike unless it's motard. I don't think i want to spend that much money but i would like just to get some good rubbers for the road .. my tire sizes or what they say are


Rear: 110/100-18

any help would be appreciated.. I love this site

aparently no one knows anything about tires! :worthy:

are you wanting to go supermoto with it or just get highway approved dirt tires for it? I could shed some light on the supermoto subject, not so much on the highway legal dirt tires.:worthy: I am wanting to get some street legal nobbies for mine though since it is plated, wont be long this bike loves to shred rear tires (torque-monster)

I have a set of Metzler Sahara tires on my stock rims. These are great, wear good, stop good. I have tried trials tires (loved them off road, climbed like velcro), crappy wear on the road. Don't like knobs on the road at all. I bought a second set of wheels (21/19) for under 200 bucks and use knobs strictly for off road and dual sport (I prefer Michelin S12 for my areas). Pretty much all of the later models interchange. I use an aftermarket speedo with magnetic pickup to allow for easier changes.

I'm looking to go probably with the highway legal dirt tires. I know the slicks are expensive for supermoto. I thank you guys for the post on this subject. we need all the help we can get with motorcycles. i have dirt knobbies on right now. I just don't really understand the numbering or if different numbers will fit my bike. I have not a clue? i was thinking that the end number is the rim size or something but i don't know

Dude !!!!!!!!! thats exactly what i want that you have on that Wr!!! thats exactly what i have been looking for!! I will definitly check those out.. thanks so much. What are those tires exactly?? because i have a wr450f 07 and Those would be perfect for my wr.. the back tire might have to be a little fatter but i'm not for sure. let me know!

they kinda look like Avon Distanzia to me :worthy:

Take my advice with a grain of salt, cause I LOVE supemoto :banana:

I'd suggest getting a set of 17" wheels and tires for street, and keeping real good dirt tires (knobbies) on the big rims.


I am sure you can find a similar deal in Utah, or I am also sure that EPIC will ship them. For about $1000 you can get a real good starter setup

or for ...


$479, you can get the Avon Distanzia tires for your dirt rims (and a better front brakes).


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