Factory Camshafts for YZ/WR 400-426F?

I've been talking with YMUS about getting YMC to produce a GYT-R product - an auto decompress cam kit for the eariler model "F". There seems to be some interest in this idea and some e-mails have been sent to YMC about this idea.

Do you think that you would purchase one for about $ 150.00? :)

It would be a good idea for them to do so, but I believe they are way behind the curve on this. I, and many others, already spent the money on a YZ450 cam that does the same thing. The aftermarket cam companies are no swifter in capitalizing on this improvement. The market for such a cam has been there, unexploited, since '98. :)

I spoke with another rider at the track yesterday who said Hot Cams had indicated something new along these lines will be out around June. True? I don't know, and once my shims for the YZ450 cam finally come in, I doubt I will care. There have been no problems I have heard of with that setup.

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