15 tooth front sprocket, anyone use one on there WR 450?

Stock is a 14t. on my 07 wr 450, but a friend who I ride with says I will enjoy having a 15t. on my bike better and is adamant about me trying it. but I am not really sure if I need that tall of gearing. I mostly ride Cal City, Dove Springs area etc. and I didn't really think I needed to change anything besides just geting better at not grabing so much throttle so I didn't spin the rear so much.

So is any one using a 15t. and and does it really help this?

Oh and buy the way he has not ridden my bike yet, and rides a 07 CRF 450 that he went up one tooth on his bike and swears buy it, I told him he has different gearing than mine so I didn't think it was the same comparison between the two bikes. I think he's crazy....or at least suffering from somthing....

Stock is a 14t. on my 07 wr 450

NO, stock on the 07+ WR's is a 13T

Double check what you currently have on your bike...if its a 13T then make the switch to a 14T for desert type stuff (I did and its :worthy: )

Thats right stock is 13.On my 07 went to 14t.Lot better for singal track,long rides.Also for keeping the rpms down in 5th.

You are right it's a 13t. I will try the 14t. I went and picked up one today,

now post up a larger pic of your avatar.....

Sorry' I don't have a biger one but I do have the original with out the black outs. they took that one down because.. I don't know you couldn't really see anything' well maybe if you were squinting you might and with a little imagination you might something. (something about a family site.. I forget)

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