200+ lb riders?

Of course but you need to convince them that it's a performance upgrade:busted:

It's YZ set up with offroad suspension:thumbsup:

I'm 240lb, all free mods, pipe and a little shorter gearing. Because here is impossible to buy springs or revalve, I adjusted +2 comp and +1 rebound on the forks, and +2 comp +2 rebound on the shock, and adjusted the sag to my weight. It runs great and the susp does the job (i'm not a big jumper)

You really can't get springs or valves??? I'm shocked.

What about you paying someone in the states to buy the parts and ship them to you? yeah, I get the trust factor, but... ??? :worthy:


If you can adjust the sag to your weight, then you already have the proper springs in the bike - which is not possible with the stock springs. So now I'm really confused... :banana:

Heavy Rider + WR Stock Suspension = TURD!!

Heavy Rider + WR Stock Suspension = TURD!!

Very true....BUT re sprung/re valved forks = VERY NICE :worthy:

Get a heavier spring for the rear, make sure it's serviced. That's it. This is huge if you want the bike to hook up.


I have a stiff rear spring to give away if someone wants to pay the shipping for it.

It is a race tech 70805 622856

FITS: WR/YZ450F 08-09, APPLICATION: 5.6 kg/mm

Part#: SRSP622856

Put the right suspension on it and it will pull you around. I'm 240 w/o gear and mine scares me sometimes.

X2. I'm 245+ w/o gear. I rode my WR450 for a season before working on the suspension. Coming off of a XR600R, the Wr felt light and nimble while still stock. Springs front and back made a major difference. Save up so that you can do both ends at the same time. I put a shock spring on first, and rode it that way for most of a season...which probably wasn't the best choice. The shock handled my weight, but doing it by itself kind of upset the machine's balance.

I'm 6'1" and about 270 with out gear. I ride an 03 WR450 that was revalved and resprung front and rear with Dez valving. I love it. Absolutely the best ride I have ever owned. The stock sticks work great if you have someone that knows what they're doing. I can hit anything my buddy can on his YZ 450 and don't get any of the arm pump. 3 stage valving makes a huge difference over stock!! Don't waste your time on YZ sticks.

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