Fluidyne radiators

Smashed up my right side radiator (again) and since the lower shroud mouting tab has broken off (again) is seems like it is a repair that just will not hold up to my abuse.

Thinking about going with the Fluidyne radiator since they are now selling them individually but my question is if anybody has had experience with them, i.e., will they fit with the various aftermarket radiator cages?

Fluidyne says that thier YZ450 radiators are 28mm thick vs. the stock 25mm.

scorpion rad guards.

Those are burly! I actually just bought a set of the cages from them and since I am heading up to the WEC in Penticton this weekend Steve (the owner) is going to bring them there for me. :worthy:

I have a set of scorpions on my ride as well, never came close to bending a rad yet.

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