Buying a used WR/YZ

I'm considering buying a WR/YZ 400, could anyone please offer me any advice on what to look out for on a used bike.

Thanks in advance!

you first check for the obvious....


-chain & sprokets

-forks (for seal leaks)

-rear shock (for leaks)

-radiators (might have been previously bent)

-wheel bearings (moving wheel side to side, if it moves you have to change the bearings

-dented rims

-look closely at the frame to make sure it`s not broken anywhere

-the general look of the bike... does it look like it was badly beaten...

-if you had the tools you could chk compression

-listen closely at the running motor for some knocking (might need valve adjustment)

- test ride it and make sure the clutch don`t slip and/or you can go through all the gears no problem

-brake pads

-oil leaks (motor)

I know it`s alot of crap to look at but you want to make sure that you don`t buy a bike on which you`ll have to spend $$$ and hrs fixing it.

Also, as per, the retail value of a WR400 98 is 3710$ and trade in is 2540$

for a YZ400 98 it`s 2285$ for trade in & 3350$ for retail... if you buy a newer bike then it`s going to be a bit more.....

by the way, which state is Bradford in ?? I might sell mine when the WR450 comes in. I have a WR 400 98`

You can tell if they have good compression by not using the compression release and standing on the kickstarter. If it will hold your weight (or come close), its got good compression.

Ask if they have replaced the throtle cable.

The push portion of the push pull system becomes

frayed easily.Find out if they greased all suspention and swing arm pivots,if not I recomend you do it.Also check the stering stem for any racheting or drag.

Thanks for the info.

Hopefully i shall soon have a bike.

I am from Bradford in England.

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