Grey Wire (again)

In the manual, there is a schematic towards the back. Can anyone tell me which wire is the correct wire to disconnect? This info may be more helpful for some of us familiar with schematics. I haven't seen any descriptions of the connector yet and this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Check the posts. There is plenty of info and a website. I removed my gas tank, the said connector w/grey wire was on right side(throttle). I used a small screwdriver and backed the wire out. Did not want to cut. Hope that helps. Look around for more info if you are still not sure.


Grey wire to TPS? I looked through the forum and i can't find a reference to the web site, does anyone know the address?

I found the wire ok. It was under tank and part of a 6 wire bundle w/ molex connector. I used a small screwdriver to straighten locking tabs and pulled wire out. I then put some lithium grease on the pin, slid a small clear 1 1/2" long insulater over it and siliconed both ends to keep water out. Maybe I went a little overboard but thats my anal personality. :)

Thanks all. I guess if I'd looked a little closer, I would have noticed there is only one grey wire coming out of the CDI, it goes to ground along with the blue wire. I still haven't decided if I'm going to disconnect it or not. I'll have to read more pros and cons. I trail ride mostly, this bike is probably going to end up a motard anyway. The grey wire mod will be very useful there.

I haven't heard of any cons.Can anyone elaborate on any? :)

Hey guys, I just pulled the grey wire. Bike seems more responsive, revs a little quicker. :):D Wire will stay disconnected. Thanks for all the info!

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