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Update on EPA Emissions Standards

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A few observations:

The EPA's claims as to how much air pollution is emitted by atvs, sleds, and bikes is grossly exaggerated. This may not be such a bad thing, though: it will take some of the heat off them by making it look like they got tough on us. On the other hand; they did. :)

But why should we support the EPA at all? They whine and cry about dirty 2strokes, then slap the industry in the face when clean burning 4strokes like the WR answer the call. Backroom deals with the likes of Royce Wood of the AMA. Do any of you have your 'professional racer license' yet? Won't be able to buy a WR without one.

As for the " mentalists ", they are mental hypocrites. If the EPA had banned ALL vehicles forever, they'd still bitch about the horse-puckey...

Please note that once again, your AMA dues did not even get you a "blurb" in defense of our sports... All the ink and sound bites go to the left wing wackos. Do you think the NRA would have let this opportunity to set the record straight go by? Losers and winners. I pay dues to only one of the above these days.

We all know the enemy without, it's the enemy within that is killing us. :D

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