'08 WR 450 Throttle Stop Questions

BIKE: 2008 WR 450 (bought new, I have put 650 off road miles on it).

ALTITUDE RIDING RANGE: usually 7,500 – 9,000 feet (sometimes as low as 5,000 and as high as 10,000 feet above sea level).

RIDER: 6” 1” / 200 lbs suited up, 45 years old. This is my first off-road bike and I have enjoyed riding it on the trails and jeep tracks in and around Santa Fe, NM. My comfort level and skills are improving each time I ride however, I would like more power and snap but I am not ready to turn it into a YZ 450 – therefore, I am considering doing just the throttle stop mod for now.


1. If I was to ONLY do the throttle stop mod, but not do any other mods such as jetting, gray wire, removing the “pea shooter”, air box mods, etc… would that be harmful to the bike?....will it increase bogging?

2. Some posts indicate that the GYTR throttle stop screw has been the cause of the throttle becoming stuck wide open – am I better off making my own?

Any other comments / suggestions on how I can gradually increase power / snap as my skill level increases - MUCH APPRECIATED!!!! :worthy:

1) Doing just the throttle stop by itself will not hurt anything.

When you do the snorkle, do the pea shooter and do a jet kit too.

2) No, that usually occurs when the thottle stop was cut in stead of prelaced and it was cut too short or the owner removed the slide (there is almst never any reason to remove it)

If you want to control the power, just use common sense with your right wrist.

You can unclip the grey wire from the plug, if you find it too zingy, you can simply clip it back in.

If you had done all the free or near to free mods ie - ais kit, pea shooter, grey wire, o-ring and air box-- you will gain a little -- just do it!! The smile factor will not arrive until you put a full DR.D exhaust system on it, or an fmf full system etc. and it is still soooo managable!!

Read the riding tips forum, remember to put as much weight as possible on your outside peg when you turn is a must know and to remember it at all times when your are try'n to rip around.

At 200lbs plus gear, go get some springs front and back, you will find in stock form that the front tends to push out on corners. This you can do yourself with a few purchased tools or home made tools etc.

William 1,

Thank you for the reply - it helps to hear from other riders. :worthy:


Thank you too for your reply. Hearing that I will just gain a little by doing all the mods makes me feel more comfortable. I definitely was going to work on the suspension as well as it feels like I bottom out the front forks on some jumps.

Regarding setting pre-load, I located a "how-to" on you tube:

If you have an opinion on it, let me know. I'll also take a look at the riding tips forum.


If I had unlimited money I would ditch the wr forks for a set of yz's, witch my riding skill and age couldn't take advantage of really anyways :worthy:

I put a set of works connection .48 springs on the front with 7.5 wieght oil, and on the back I bought a 5.8 race tech spring. My weight is 210 225 lbs. I would recomend this for you --- at times I wish I went 1 size up front and back, all mx's r made to bottom at some point, if they don't you are over sprunge? From what I have read, the yami springs can be hit and miss when it comes to true spring size ratings from factory specs.



Thanks to everyone for the input!! :worthy::banana:

Both on the thread and via PM's. Just placed my order on TT as I am gearing up to do all the mods in a few weeks. Will post my results and anything that might be helpful.


I can't see how you could stand to ride that castrated pig 650 miles.:worthy: I could not believe how bad the WR actually is from the factory. I put 20 miles on my new 08 450 last weekend and can not wait to get the same or hopefully better performance as my 05. Do all of the mods, you won't be disappointed.

Pangia, at your altitude I think you might be able to get away with the factory jetting with just the YZ throttle stop screw, disconnected gray wire and pee shooter removal. You will still need to loosen and move the sub frame and remove the rear shock but that throttle stop screw can be replaced while the carb is on the bike.

I agree with all the others, do all the "Free Mods" now, the bike will still be very controlable, and as long as your in control of your right wrist, then your in control of the bike.

I'm 40 this year, do not know what a gym is, and bought a 04 WR450 last year as my first off road bike, and ran it all last season with all of the free mods done. Bike was VERY managable, yet lots of power there to play with and big grins, IF you wanted it. Don't want it, simply don't twist as much, and short shift it (Your going to like it, and want more once you have it though....:worthy: ).

This year, I put in Hot Cam's, FMF pipe, and JD Jetting, and now the thing REALLY rocks!

Also, I'm in the 240 range, and springs front and back for your wieght is pretty much a must...I drove myself crazy last year trying to figure out my suspension last year...there is no figuring it out until you have the correct springs, which I now do.

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