01 426 clutch thrust washer placement?

Im currently rebuilding my 426 clutch with all new parts. I installed the factory gears on the back of the basket and then slid the basket onto the shaft. When I went to install the thrust washer which is splined the same as the shaft, I noticed that the thrust washer slides past the splined part of the shaft and onto the smooth part which has a slightly smaller diameter so the washer uncenters just a little bit. I cant understand why a splined washer would go past the splines on the shaft, this cant be correct. If anyone can help me understand what im missing it would be greatly appreciated.

The other thing thats buggin me is that the gears moved a tiny little bit when I removed the old basket and I had to move them a little by hand for the new basket to mesh I didnt see any marks on the gears, is this o.k.? Thanks a million.

That's how the thrust washer is, exactly.

As far as the gear train is concerned, only the balancer gear has to be timed. All the rest are correct as long as they mesh.

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