CHARGE it !!

i charged my battery and the bike starts right up now even cold. i am running a 165 main and 48 pilot,pilot screw 1 3/4 turns out. when i plugged the battery to the charger it was practicaly dead. it took a little over 3 hours to fully charge the battery . once it was charged i hit the button and it started right up even without the choke and the bike sat for a week. i highly recommend anyone who is having starter problems to charge there batteries. i got the battery tender plus and i have to say it was a good investment .

Ditto on that! I did the same after noticing that my battery didn't seem to want to hold a charge. Works great now.

Mine holds charge from weekend to weekend riding. But I agree that it needs to be put on a charger if it is going to sit for more than a week.

Hey, what is a battery tender? Also can you use a regular 12v car battery charger to charge the battery? I got my bike last week and I'm dying to get out on it. Numerous wife projects and tenant plumbing problems cancelled my first ride. I have started it a couple of times and notice the battery is getting weaker.


Mine is always on a tender when it's in the garage, and it starts with the button cold every time. It' so easy to start with the kickstarter though, I almost hate using the button!

I understand that you are supposed to kick it when cold. However, I never understood why... anyone else know?



Be careful with a car charger. You want low amps. If your charger can be set to a 2 amp charge you'd probably be okay. :)

The cold weather, lean jetting and new tight motors makes them not turn over fast enough to start. Once the jetting is changed and the motors loosen up you will be able to use the e-start I think.

A car battery charger can fry the battery. A battery tender is the way to go.

Beezer is right. Once the engine is full broken in at 300 miles or so the E-start works very well. I was concerned at first and now I laugh. I just reached 524 miles this weekend. The bike starts very easily usually on the first try. Hot start works great. Choke is perfect. I love my WR450! :)

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