Broken Bolt. Help Please

How close to the Blue Water or Ambassador bridges are you? I live in Macomb Michigan which is about 45-60 minutes from either.

I forgot to mention that I also have a small machine shop in the basement, so as a last resort I (just in case I can't weld onto it) we could mill it out. I don't have any carbide tooling, but there are plenty of tooling supply centers around here. A carbide end mill would cost you about $30, but we can cross that bridge if we come to it.

If you can get it to me I will gladly give it a try for free.

Marines rule...TT members rule...Way to take care of your own guys!

Awesome offer of random kindness!

Thanks for the offer USMCPAUL. I'm in Dryden Ontario so I'm a little ways away. But I might take you up on your offer if the answer to this question isnt a good one. Heli-coil, thats the question. Could I use one in the situation and put a stud into it then a nut on the outside of the cover? If not I am going to get new cases and maybe paul will be able to fix mine and I will have a spare. I will send you a PM in the next day or so Paul, i really appreciate your offer.

A Heli-coil will require you to drill the hole out larger, and you will still be left with a depth problem. Also you will have to use a 'bottom tap' style Heli-coil tap, instead of the 'through hole' style.

If your going to try to just get by, what about using a shorter screw and Red Loctite?

Neither of the above suggestions are my recommendation, but at least you'll be making an informed decision.

My offer still stands, so let me know.

Good Luck.

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