Room for a Passenger?

OK, I'm a Newbie to TT, and being one, I feel I must post a Stupid question.....

Could I put a second set of Pegs on my WR, so every once in awhile I could haul a Girl on the back? :) I'd rarely use the option, just for quick rides up the Canyon, etc.

Any info would be helpful! Thanks,

- Greg

Thats a no no. Just look at the labels on your rear fender. :)

If you have already power-washed the warning labels off your bike, you may not know that it is nor recommended... :D however, if you were thinking of doing such a thing, then you would be able to buy a pair of generic bolt-on-to-the-swingarm ones, and as long as the chain guards were in place and the young lady was wearing sensible shoes, then I wouldn't see a problem... :D but then you are not supposed to do it... :) I don't know if there is room on the back fender for a picnic rug and some cold drinks ... :D

Be safe...


Yeah, I figured your not supposed to do it. Yamaha would have made a bigger seat and a Second pair of Pegs would have been there from the Factory, if so!! :D

Mabey I can put the Lunch Basket on the front fender...... :)

One of those girly pushbike baskets on the handle bars would look real flash :):D

Steve, you've cracked it mate... the next big mod... the replacement front number plate... a basket for carrying all your goodies in... better see what the pushbike shop has in stock tomorrow, and get the big zip-ties out... LOL


you would be able to buy a pair of generic bolt-on-to-the-swingarm ones, and as long as the chain guards were in place and the young lady was wearing sensible shoes, then I wouldn't see a problem.

Problem with swin arm bolt-ons is you need to change the rear compression damping 'cause now the passengers knees will be absorbing the bumps :). If I were to add pegs, it would have to be by fabricating a foot peg hanger from the subframe. Putting passengers feet on the swingarm is an accident waiting to happen!

just my 2 cents...........



I'm sorry, but I had to cofirm that your question is, in fact, dumb. Visualize the lack of protection between the proposed footpegs and the rear wheel. Now, visualize this hot chick you're trying to impress walking around on a pegleg because she's missing a foot. Buy her a bike of her own or ride wheelies in order to impress her. I can't believe anyone would consider putting footpegs and/or a second rider on a dirtbike. The only time I've ever seen this recourse justified is getting a hurt rider unable to ride or a biker with an unrideable bike out of the woods.

I recently purchased a set of used DR passenger pegs from Drew in Seattle (thanks!) for doing exactly that. I am going to mount them exactly like they are mounted on my DR650: to the subframe.

They have a small, but effective, guard built into them and mount well up and away from the chain. Besides, you would require sensible attire, wouldn't you? I often shuttle riders (like the injured ones mentioned above) around at one of the larger tracks, as well as my boys, and to me, the dangling feet are the danger.

I think the use of reasonable care (no high speed or jumping, etc.) will suffice. The seat (YZ) is just as long as the DR's and should be just as crowded for two people, which in your case, ain't all bad... :D :D

Hmmm, maybe a warning sticker of my own regarding lardbutts might be a good idea..."IF THIS SEAT DISAPPEARS UP THE CRACK OF YOUR A$$, YOU ARE TOO BIG". Along with that little parcel basket up front, of course. :) I actually think a nice aluminum rack for the back would suit me better for carrying gas to stranded bikes, etc.

Now I was wondering about the safety of Pegs mounted on the Swingarm...... Mounting them on the subframe would be much more ideal. Thanks for the idea about the DR pegs!

ColoradoXR- I appreciate your concern for our safety. I am well aware it's a dumb idea.... I fully admit it in the original post. As of now, it's just a idea and I'm seeking feedback. The info above has been very helpful and I may not even attempt it. But, if I do, I will be sure that it's not dangerous to my passenger and the bikes mechanical integrity isn't sacrificed. My WR will be street-legal soon and it would be fun to putt around w/ a passenger. Not often, nothing more than a dirt road, and small girls only! :)

Thanks to all for the replys! (Even if the question is assanine!)

The most sensible reason not to carry a passenger is that the bike is not designed for it. I have seen more than one broken subframe from doing this. That said, if it is done safely, why not. Just remember: In motorcycling as in aviation, if you just said "Watch this......" you are about to do something stupid.

Not that I would ever ride a second person on my bike, :D But If I did I would cut two pieces of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe 8 to 10 inches long. I would then slide them over the pegs, drill a hole throught the pipe and run a bolt through the pipe to hold it on. A second hole and a zip tie might keep it from rattling around.

BTW some nice girls like to ride to secluded places and do knotty things!! :)

I have ridden off-road 2-up on my old XR650L. It wasn't that bad. I have also seen people buy passenger pegs from an XR650L and bolt them to XR600's. I think Baja Designs sell this as a kit to put on XR600's. The kit comes with small tabs that get welded onto the subframe. This allows the footpeg brackets to then bolt to the tabs. I think this setup would work for different bikes, as long as the subframe was steel. The back of the seat on the WR is nowhere near as wide as the XR, so comfort would not match an XR.

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