Any tips for easy install on a Promoto Billet spark arrestor?

Waiting for it to arrive later this week. Just looking for any advise for easy installation. Thanks for any advise. Mike

The old pop rivets look like stainless steel...very hard. I would use a sharp 1/4 inch drill bit and maybe have a couple spares. Then just take your time when drilling them out.

My 2 cents.

Originally posted by lomitamike:

Waiting for it to arrive later this week. Just looking for any advise for easy installation. Thanks for any advise. Mike

There wasn't anything special about the pop rivets. They drilled-out easily. A buddy put his back together with pop rivets and he said it was a snap. I tapped the holes and used the screws. That was a little more painful and required a more exacting alignment. Either way, it was relatively easy. One note though, if you plan on removing the endpiece to replace the cone, I'd suggest replacing the allen-heads with some nice 6mm shoulder bolts. My friend and I have both stripped out the allens. I removed/replaced mine about 5 times before they stripped.


Actually 5 times usage is pretty good for the allens... But, what I was wondering is what is the advantage of screws vs rivets? All I can think of is repacking the muffler. But I have never done a yz muffler so how often does it need repacking and when you do repack it how do you do it? Do you have to take that end-cap off? Thanks, Mark

The installation went very easy. Drilled out old rivets with a 3/16 bit and removed the end cap. Then took the packing out of the old end cap and put in the new end cap. Took a small amount of silicone wiped it over the area that inserts into the muffler, slid it into the muffler and drilled the holes and riveted one at a time. Be sure end cap is pushed in as far as it can go. Very easy took about 30 minutes. As for the using screws instead of rivets, it would be an advantage for changing the packing being that you have to remove the end cap to do so. You could probably drill out rivets remove cap as fast as unscrewing the 8 bolts, your choice. Definitly louder then stock with a vortip but smooth delivery of power all the way through throttle. Mike

I used 3/16 rivets on mine as well...I just can't see the advantage of tapping and installing screws

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