Oversize Brake on 2007 YZ450F

I rode one of our local GP style tracks today and I am very happy with the new rotor. Braking when I needed it without being harsh or overpowering, but could stop on a dime if I really wanted to also.

I have used Ferodo brake pads on my bikes and they do help alot. I did use them with the steel lines on my 07' 250f. I have not put the lines and pads on my 09' 450 yet. I had a few good honda riders, ride that bike and they all said the stopping power was awesome!

They are way cheaper than an oversize brake kit and the stopping power is improved by alot. They are a hard pad to track down and buy but I have the info and the company that sells them. The price is pretty much the same as stock pads... If you look around alot of factory teams use them. They have copper in the pads which really help with the stopping power, and they aren't hard on rotors at all.

I finally installed a Braking 260mm Oversize rotor with the supplied baking pads. It is a noticeable improvement over the stock system. I will try this setup over the next month or so and if needed, I can always go with the Honda OEM pads later if I need to.

you should consider swapping the plastic brakeline for a Braided SS. The plastic line expands increasing the mushy lever feel, the SS does not expand like the plastic. You will have phenomenal brakes then. I also would recommend swapping fluid for new

EBC oversized discs are decent for a lower price.

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