figuring out the antifreez problem

ok ive been noticing bout every week i lose almost a inch of antifreeze so i decided to check it out. and i washed my bike up real good have everything wiped down and started to poke around and this is wut ive come to discover. its up beehind one of my side skid plates it is a 05 yz450f

help appreciated


leak sorry its fuzzy


u can see the drip


on the bike stand

looks like its from the water pump, u need to replace the impeller shaft seal and impeller shaft

k and would u know how long that would take home ( i do know a little dad can help) shop?.. and could this be making it run a little hotter to? ive noticed it running a little hot

u need to remove the right side case cover, why do u think the bike is running hot?

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