Gray wire on wr 426

I have a 2001 wr 426. What happens when I cut the "gray wire" everyone talks about?

The grey wire enables the US made WR’s to pass emissions. By cutting the grey wire, the bike will probably not pass a Federal emissions sound test...whoooo caaaares. :)

It will most likely improve performance, and won’t harm the bike. When you do this mod (and by all means try it) try not to cut the wire, just pull it from the connector and use heat shrink to cap it off.

Much more to read if you use the SEARCH and enter grey wire.

Good Luck! :D

Not too much difference in performance when the gray wire is cut. What I got on my 400 was a tiny bit more more bottom end. The biggest difference was that it completely got rid of that 35-40 mph surge of power in 3rd gear. What used to happen was something like a sudden pull when hammering about half-way up a hill. Now the pull or hit starts earlier in the rpm range & isn't so sudden.

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