lowering rear suspension

i have heard of a linkage that you can add to a ttr250 to lower the seat height by 1-2" and was wondering if anyone has heard of one for a 2000 wr400.if you have tried it,does it effect the ride dramatically? how much? and where to would i order or purchase 1 from?


Got2go,You might want to try www.koubalink.com

Norm Kouba specializes in lowering kits.Better to call him,one heck of a nice guy,he will steer you in the right direction.He also makes a cool fuel screw extension for that hard to reach carb adjustment. :)

RSA210,thanks for the info.I looked at his website but it did not list a suspension link for a wr400.I guess I'll give him a call tomorrow.He sounds like a guy who might be into manufacturing what the market needs.I have talked to a number of guys who are "vertically challenged" and love the wr's and would be interested in lowering their scoots.

On a worldly note we are hoping your fellow Americans are safe tonite and are kicking some serious butt in Iraq! Our hearts are with them all.

Got2go,In the interim you may want to try to take some preload out of the rear shock AND raise your fork tubes 5-10mm in the front,that may give you a little extra.The fork tube lower also will help with handling/turning at lower speeds,just a thought. :)

I emailed Norm Kouba about the WR450. He said that he is working some bugs out of it, but it is in progress.

I am not sure I like the idea of taking out preload... is that really a good idea?


My 2001 was lowered when I bought it. To get it back to normal, the fork and spring internals had to be adjusted. The rear spring was the same but the fork springs were shorter and softer. I took the forks and shocks in to the shop to get them done. The only parts changed were the front springs. Labor was about $200 for both. Handling was a lot quicker, but you do lose about 2 inches of travel. At high speeds you notice the loss. It depends on where you live, how you ride and how tall you are for what is best.

Hope it helps.


I swear my WR450 feels like it is high in the rear. I don't know if it is me or not, but I'm thinking I want to lower the rear just to get it level.


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