XR600 carb solutions

i need new carbs for my 85 XR600. i've got quotes between $600-$900 to replace the stock set. there's pretty much no way i'm paying that much, so, i'm looking for a cheaper solution.

the stock carbs have worked great for 18 years and i have no problem with them, performance-wise. can i maybe find used stock carbs somewhere? if not, does anyone know where new stockers can be had for say...$300?

what i'd really like to do is replace the stock dual carb set up with 1 carb. is this possible? and if it is, is it possible to not loose any performance?

i appreciate any help.


Makes me wonder what happened to the original carbs, did the bike backfire and blow them off out on the trail somewhere :)

My vote would be to replace the stock setup with the same thing - the twin carbs. I have personally witnessed that setup making big power, (Hey Ronny!).

I would think a bike salvage yard somewhere has what you need for under $100.00 - maybe way under.

The alternative is changing out the cylinder head, then the carb.

If you haven't found a carb set yet you should contact the guys at motorcyclecarbs.com, they just found me a used set of carbs for under $200.00. Good luck.

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