Anyone interested in a SE texas TT ride?

I went riding with another TT member from Austin this weekend and had a great time.

I know I, and hopefully others, would enjoy meeting some new riders outside my normal riding group.

We've got 2 Nat'l forests close to Houston for the drive out, ride, and go home the same day crowd. Both of them offer camping for the riders who'd come from further away and can't make the same day return trip.

This doesn't have to be as well prepared as the west coast event.

We'll just pick the time and place, then meet up and ride.

I think it should be open to all dirtbikers, not just the 4 stroke riders.

Anybody interested?

Post here or email me,

p.s. fastmonster, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Let me know the next time you come to town and we'll do it again. We can go to a different trailhead and ride some other loops.

Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Thanks, Kelly

Send me a pm, I'm out of Austin but ride Sam Houston Forest a few times a year.

99 WR400, airbox lid removed, e-series carbon, renthal fatbars, scotts triple clamp, revloc on the wish list!

Sounds like fun, just make sure its not a Hare Scranble weekend.

What was the other forest besides Sam Houston? I've been wanting to ride Angelina.

Hey all I'm near Houston and have a couple of buddies that are gonna make a trip to Sam Houston National Forest soon. Where else is there to ride? I have just had my 2002 WR for about 5 months.

I'm in San Antonio and sound like fun. I could make a day trip out of it.

I'd go to either Angelina or Sam Houston.

I know my way fairly well around Sam Houston.

I've been to Angelina several times camping out with friends who know their way around there pretty well. We camped at Boykin Springs.

I've read that there were some trails closed but I don't know which ones.

I'm gonna try to contact the ranger station to see if I can get a map.

I talked to a few friends today about this and we'd probably make a Friday night or early Saturday morning camp, ride Saturday, ride Sunday morning and come back that afternoon.

The weather is fixing to cool a little and I'd like to do this before hunting season.

I'll post back in a couple of days about Angelina if I can get a map of their trails.

I'd rather go there as I don't get there very often.

I ride the Angelina Forest on a weekly basis and if it is not a Texas Hare Scramble weekend, we could bring a crowd from Beaumont. Hwy. 63 divides the Angelina Forest into two parts, the North and the South. The South side is closed to ORV's, the North has sporadic closures due to the Red Headed Woodpecker and sensitive plant areas. Also, if I remember correctly, this cannot be an organized ride of more than 12 people or we will need a permit for an event and the Forest Service will not give us one. If it is just a bunch of people who happen to show up the same day, no problem. The Angelina Forest personnel are not friendly to those who ride ATV's or motorcycles. Make sure you bring a form of picture ID and CARRY it with you. There is a very good chance you will be stopped.

That's the bad news, the good news is it is the best public riding in the state. With someone who knows their way around, you will not be disappointed. PM me and I will give more details and directions to a parking area. Mark

[ September 18, 2002, 04:37 AM: Message edited by: Mark Hogge ]

I could be interested if it is on my day off, drop me a pm when have a date.


I would be up for it. Sam Houston sure beats any of the rides near Austin.I'm sure I could bring 5 or 6 guys from Austin. :)

huskyrider- I had a great time last weekend. Thanks for showing me around the trails.

Rocket360- let me know when you want meet at Milano. I'll be out there this weekend.

I live in the SA area and have 2-3 buddies that would love to meet up for this ride. New to the area so would love to check out some new trails. Are there hotels by the riding area? Post whatever details you can and i'll be there. thanks for putting this together.

I ride an 00 426 stock, do they have regulations on spark arrestors or noise level?

I would be up for a ride anytime... I live in Austin and can drive, should anybody need a lift.

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