YZ250 wheels fitted to YZ426F

Hi all :banana:

I've recently bought a 2002 YZ426F that was fitted with 17" Supermoto wheels (Talon hubs/Excel rims). I bought the bike for trail riding so have just bought a pair of standard wheels taken off a 2006 YZ250 aswell.

Now i've read the thread on what YZ wheels are interchangeable but am still confused! My question is, do I use the spacers that came with the YZ250 wheels, use the spacers from the Supermoto wheels, or will I need to get hold of some YZ426F spacers?

The hub/spacers on the Supermoto wheels look different to Yamaha spacers plus I've read that Talon use different ones so no suprise there.

But i'm guessing that the spacers that came with the off road wheels are only suitable for YZ250's - or is that not right?

Anyway I've just fitted the rear wheel using the YZ250 spacers and everything looks and feels right, I just wanted to check whether that should have worked as well as it did!

Thanks for your help! :worthy:

rear wheel should be fine. THe 06 model year they spaced the forks farther apart by 1mm. So you will need the spacers for the front wheel for the year of your bike.

The key is to use spacers for the bike, not the wheels.

Thanks both, just ordered a set of spacers for the front, so should be good to go now!

YZ front wheel spacers are the same part number from 2002 to 2007. 5NY- 25183-00-00 and 5NY-25186-00-00. I used the ZipTy Racing spacers from an 02 YZ250 on My 07 YZ450F. Same size. WD

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