jamesnow today

today i tried my home made james now.

having changed my 2002 wr 400 timing for yz timing i feel i lost a good bit of bottom end lug, this i have put up with i like the extra bang from yz timing.

whith the james now plate instaled i now have my bottom end pull back and the middle bang. I say do it. I found myself getting throwen out of corners and then roketed down the straights. Lerning my bike again its cool and it cost nothing try it i think you will like it.my budy has same bike same state of tune but no james now.

We rode each others bikes and he will make his tomorow at work.


ps/chears james

I have been thinking about performing the James Now Even though my bike runs spot on.

Did you get a chance to take a plug reading yet? If so, is there any change in jetting? Also, even though you gained more torque, was the throttle response still snappy and crisp?

Thanks, Rick

no plug reading yet snapy and crisp yes i have only riden at m/cross trak for approx 20k/s my bike also has bk mod these two mods whith cam timing are cool .

Ido use my bike on the road in uk with super moto rims tyres but have not tried james now on road i will post results on that when our wether is better.

try it if you dont like it take it out.


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