Someone Help!!

today i started to take my yz426f apart because im redoing the frame and was wondering whats the best way to get the swingarm off i tryed hitting for a while only moved a bit

i was talking about the long bolt that runs throught the swingarm and i was also wondering of grit of sandpaper to use on the frame?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get the bolt out. It is tight because it has rusted on the inside surfaces and you have to force these rusted surfaces through the opening on the frame. Lay the bike on its side and soak the bolt with penetrating oil. After letting it have a good soak you will just have to keep on driving it until it comes out.

Good luck !

use a brass drift if possible, less chance of damaging the threads that way

if your going to sand the frame for a re-paint, you can feather all the scratches with 220 grit and then go over the whole frame with 320 to 400 wet/dry sand paper..apply a good etch or epoxy primer and then paint

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