Dynatek ignition for TPS stutter?

I don't really know what it does. But since it's programmable (with an optional programmer thing that cost extra) you can do custom stuff with it. Go to their website to see if it will do what you need.

Do either of the power maps raise the rev limit like the vortex does?

Yes by 500 rpm

New to TT and new to this problem.   This thread is a little old, from 2009.   My recently purchased 2004 WR450 has a similar stutter.  is the Dynatek Ignition still a reasonable solution?   I plan on cruising many fire roads at low to mid throttle.


Ive got a jet kit on the way so I can jet for 6000 feet,  but, after reading all of the threads on this topic, have pretty much resorted to purchasing a Dynatek CDI unit.

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It completely eliminated my studder. TPS still attached.

You've got to calibrate your TPS however. If you buy Dynatek's USB interface for $89.00 you can calibrate it in two mouse clicks..............and adjust the tps turnover points.

Jetting quality, fine tuning is at least 20% of the solution.

Just want to chyme back in here.  Purchased the Dynatek on Ebay from Partsdepotatv


My 2004 WR450 stutter is completely gone,  Cruising on dirt roads at 1/4 throttle is now very enjoyable.


I use setting 3 on the provided switch, I haven't fussed with any other settings, as I'm quite satisfied with how it works now.



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