426 Graphics

im going to order new plastics and new graphics for my bike i was looking on dennis kirk and i was looking at graphics and then i seen the second set and like it way better but i seen there for a 450 and was wondering would they still fit on my 426 plastics with no problems?

First Set:


Second Set:


450 graphics will not directly fit a 426.

ha thought so but oh well just have to order the 1st set

Try checking eBay. That's where I found the Yamaha of Troy graphics that I'm getting for my 426.

450 graphics will not directly fit a 426.

The links provided are just trim kits without the shroud graphics, which should be fine...

It's just the fenders, swingarm, and fork stickers...

You might have to trim the rear fender sticker a little different, but that's about it...

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