WR450F With FMF Q Noise Test

Does anyone know what the redline is on the new WR450?

I had a noise test performed on my Canadian bought WR450F with a new FMF Q exhaust at Hungry Valley State Park, CA today. The ranger's RPM reference book did not have the new bikes in it, so he tested it at 4500RPM (97.5DB) and 4000RPM (95.5DB). He said that the test RPM is suppose to be 1/2 the redline RPM. Haven't found redline level in the manual yet. If it is higher than 9000, then most of the new pipes will not pass the 96 level should they start being strick about it.

The ranger man says they are to start testing for 96DB around April with a 1 to 2 DB grace.

The ranger is wrong! It is not half the redline but half rpm of the maximum horsepower rpm. You need to check at 4250 as the WR max hp is at 8500 rpm.

Eric :)

Thanks Eric,

That sounds more like it. But what is the WR's redline?

Redline is 11,500 rpm so you do not want to test at half taht!! :)

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