WR450 dun blowed up... twice

A little over three weeks ago I purchased an 03 Wr450, I rode it about 11 miles, went to go kick it when it back fired ripped a hole in my leg and the right side crank case and the outer primary case. Ok, no big deal its under warranty, bring it to the dealer to fix. 2 weeks later its ready, assured that it was properly "tuned" by the service manager. I took the bike filled it up with gas, warmed it up and rode for about a mile, just bursting around a little. I was standing on the pegs and I heard a noise from the right side of the engine, looked down heard the bike backfire and watch the kicker go forward rip a chunk of plastic out of the gas tank and snap off and hit the ground. I looked a little closer at the engine and sure enough the outer primary cracked.

Should I keep this bike?

Yes, by all means. It should be broken in now.

Man,That really SUCKS.Sounds like a sorry ass repair to me something smells funny,these bikes are generally bullet proof.I'd be willing to bet its human error on that repair.Sorry for your misfortune.Post back & let us know what happens.

What a load of bullshit!!I smell a troll!!


oops, sorry, I guess I shouldnt have eaten those beans.

I would be requesting a brand new bike.

That is a 1 post troll! How do we get these idiots on our forum?

the other day i was taking my WR for a spin around the block and the damn thing just burst into flames. luckily i gave it full throttle and hit a high enough speed to extinguish the flames. talk about a close call. after further inspection i saw that my muffler bearings rolled back into the exhaust,down the header,and clogged up the exhaust. all the excess heat caused my bike to spontaniously burst into flames. i had just received the all new TITANIUM muffler bearings and installed them and she runs great now. :):D :D

I love all that Titanium. Makes riding an adventure! Ha Ha.

Is this guy for real? A back fire that cracks the side case and blows it apart, twice? I have never heard of this. If this is true, what did the dealer say was the cause?

Moon its a troll.......there are several around these parts of late. :)

actualy the whole backfire thing and blowing the case is true. i also have a 97 suzuki DR350 with the big bore 435 kit in it. the bike backfired and the countershaft bearing came through the front of the case.i know what caused it though and it was bad craftsmanship from suzuki. theres a pin that holds the countershaft gear in place. some how a rocket scientist said hey lets drill the hole all the way through the gear. well with the extra compression that the 435 kit had it vibrated that little pin loose and BAM !! there she went countershaft through the case.it was a very very bad day. i have never seen nor heard of that happening before and i probably wouldn't have believed it if i didn't see it myself. that happening twice is highly unlikely and if it is true i'd be bringing that bike back to where i got it fixed and telling them they just bought themselves a wr450.

Yes I am for real, the bike did blow up TWICE, I spoke to the dealer today and without a question asked if there was something else he could get me on. So he sells honda, so I'm going to go for a CRF450.

As for an explanation, they could give me none. Maybe the timing was off, mechanic error, production error. Either way I dont want that peticular WR, and there is no WR450s heading to that dealer anytime soon, so a CRF will have to do.

Bull! How do we get a moderator to delete this post?

So hows the hole in your leg? :) How about a vin number and the name of your selling dealer wise guy?

You simply ask or notify us...

But it is funny... :) Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you guys just take the bait... either way, the post is not that bad...



I believe him.

One time I put air instead of nitrogen in my shock. I hit a bump and the shock exploded due to dieseling of the shock oil.

It took 5 major surgeries to fix my ruptured sphincter before I could defecate normally.

And thank goodness my life partner was very understanding about this and stayed faithful to me thru my ordeal.

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